JCLP EP. 46–Leading in Chaos

The dictionary definition of chaos is “complete disorder and confusion.” Isn’t that what life feels like sometimes?...

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How to Prioritize for Greater Impact

As unpredictable as 2020 has been, one thing we can predict is how many hours there will be in each day. While we can’t...

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6 Key Steps to a Great Hiring Process

We’re all feeling some effect of the “great resignation.” 

Whether it’s turnover within your own team, stories...

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The Truth About Culture Revealed


Hopefully, at some point in your journey, you’ve experienced an extraordinary culture or an...

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Organized for Chaos

“Most companies organize around personalities rather than around functions. That is, around people rather than...

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Eight Tips for Addressing Inflation Creep

This is a guest post from Culture Conference Partner, Thrivent, written by Chris Lewis, Senior Relationship...

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5 Things You Need to Hear Right Now

How many complaints did you field today? How many recommendations were given to you? How many requests did you...

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Why Your Strategy Isn't Working: 3 Critical Factors that Could Be Sabotaging Your Success

You’ve heeded all the best practices. You’ve gone to all the right conferences. And yet if you’re like most...

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