The Truth About Culture Revealed


Hopefully, at some point in your journey, you’ve experienced an extraordinary culture or an...

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5 Things You Need to Hear Right Now

How many complaints did you field today? How many recommendations were given to you? How many requests did you...

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5 Ways to Combat the "Great Resignation" and Build a Thriving Team

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As the pandemic recedes, a new issue is emerging for leaders....

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3 Ways to Align Your Team

I’m a meticulous researcher prior to making a significant purchase. I always want to be sure to stretch my dollar...

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Don't Make This Mistake

Do you find the pace of life and your daily leadership responsibilities astronomical? Maybe you’re moving up in...

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How to Get Ahead of the Summer Lull


There’s a typical summer lull every year, isn’t there? Your team’s energy dips, their attentions are divided,...

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3 Things Investing Well Will Cost You (And Why It's Still Worth It)

Both my husband and my father have dabbled in real estate investment over the years. The elements of finding the...

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