4 Ways to Move Your Team from Languishing to Thriving

In a recent conversation with a leader we work with, a concern he raised really caught my attention. He said, “My...

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3 Questions to Ask BEFORE Delivering Feedback

One of the 4Sight team members recently shared a memory of the first professional evaluation she ever received. Here...

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3 Signs Your Culture is Toxic

The last word that any leader wants to hear mentioned in a conversation about their team’s culture is the word toxic...

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Are You Meeting on Purpose? 3 Tips for Creating Great Team Meetings

I was recently talking with a new client in preparation for our first consulting visit. This was a routine call that...

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Implementing Culture Change

Cultural change isn’t something that occurs overnight. It’s something that must be cultivated over time and on...

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Why Does Culture Matter?

Why culture matters may seem like an obvious question, but there are a few things we need to understand. Studies and...

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